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I could look back at my life and get a good story out of it. It's a picture of somebody trying to figure things out.

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Kpop Rewind 2019, Who's The Best?

What’s happening in Kpop in 2019? There are so many things to talk about, from scandal to dating, Produce 101 rigged vote and many more. Today's post I just going to talk about 3 main subject here, Best Debut, Best Comeback and Disbandment. I will post some other issue in KPOP later…

Does Blogging In 2020 still work after You Tube and Podcasts Coming?

Today, I’m going to share about blogging and does blogging still work after you tube and podcasts coming? If you are interested in blogging or happened to be a blogger, you might want to continue to listen to what I would say  next..  Does Blogging Still Work After You Tube and Pod…

Review Drama Korea : MISAENG, an Incomplete Life, Complete Without Love Line

How long have you been watching K-Drama? How many K-Drama have you watched?  I myself, have been watching  K-drama since 2002 (Autumn Tale) although i stop  a few years after because i found it a bit dull because i often fell asleep in between episodes. Probably because the language…

This Is Us : One Direction, Normal Guys Who Had Fun But Were Terrible Terrible Terrible Dancers

Ok, let's forget awhile about Kpop things and get back to the kind of music i used to love ( hey, I still do!) : Western Pop. Or just "Pop"..whatever you may called. Anyway, i'm talking about the movie called: This is Us by a British boyband called "One Directio…