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Kpop Rewind 2019, Who's The Best?

What’s happening in Kpop in 2019? There are so many things to talk about, from scandal to dating, Produce 101 rigged vote and many more. Today's post I just going to talk about 3 main subject here, Best Debut, Best Comeback and Disbandment. I will post some other issue in KPOP later, meanwhile lets check this out first : 

Kpop Rewind 2019, Who's The Best? 


Ok, Every year, more and more K-pop acts arrive on the scene and i must say that 2019 has been a good year for K-Pop fans. there have been some amazing debuts and according to wikipedia there 28 group and 34 solo debut this year. Wow!  

Some of them: ONEUS, TXT, ITZY, 1TEAM, TREI, EVERGLOW, 1THE9, Cherry Bullet, Verivery, Newkidd, ONEWE, AB6IX, CIX, SUPER M, you named it. I think they are all  good. Some had a very awaited and awesome debut however there some that didn't caught the attention since most of them are from smaller companies. For me I did waiting AB^IX and CIX since they are have ex wanna One Member because I really want to know how they are after Wanna One era. 


It’s the same thing with solo debut. This year we have so many solo debut from established member group such as EXO (baekhyun and chen), Mammamoo Hwasa, Girl’s Generation Yoona, TVXQ Yunho, Super Junior Sungmin, 2PM Nichkhun and many more. But who’s got my attention was ex member of Wanna One Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Han Sunwoo, Kim Jaehwans the same reason I got my eye on AB6IX and CIX. Because I’m very2 curious, how they can lift up to their ex group named after disbanded. 

It might be sound bias, but to me no groups has impressed me with their debut in 2019, even Super M, the group that SM entertainment make to encounter BTS supremacy in USA, it didn’t wow me, it’s just so-so and I think probably SM just waste their money to make that group. Sorry, but SM should come up with another idea to conquer US, next time.  

As for solo debut, I must say that Jeon Somi, after left JYP finally got her style that really suit her. Her debut single Bhirtday is really catchy even though it’s sounds like Meghan Trainor however that’s ok, because that’s really suit her image. She could be Taylor Swift in the future and I don’t mind with that. I know her voice is not that amazing, but for debut song it’s quite awesome. 

What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below. 


Aside debut, there were also some disbandment this year and that’s really really heart breaking. Some of them have potential, but I don’t know their agency probably didn’t treat them right, maybe because lack of investment, i don’t know.. but I’m really sorry to hear that Pristin and Pristin V have to disband after all of their work in 2018 and how some of them join Produce 101 season 1. I think Pledis really failed to managed its own girl group and that’s suck.  

15& from JYP also disbaned this year. Baek Ye Rin and Park Jimin were awesome duo, by theway, but I think JYP doesn’t has strategy for duo so they chose not to resign the contract anymore. Hello Venus, Nine Muses, Boyfriend, you probably heard some of those names. Nine Muses was a group with an admissions and graduation concept since 2010 and finally this year they are disband after hiatus for some time. Hello Venus was group since 2012, a girlgroup from a joint venture between Pledis entertainment and Fantagio), meanwhile Boyfriend was a boy group formed by Starship Entertainment in 2011 and got so many award as rookie and trending idol back in the days, but they’re just can’t get it together so they disbanded. It’s sad though.. but well, what do we know, right? 


I must say there are many awesome comeback this year, Some of them are anticipated and some of them really surprisingly good. If I may say some of the 2019 awesome comeback in random order are 

1. Boy With Luv BTS feat Halsey

I think.. 2019 is the year of BTS. . Literally they are everywhere, so many daesang, so many award, you named it. I’m actually not a fan, but I think Boy With Luv was a bop. This is one of the song that will stuck in your head for days even though you think that the voice doesn’t really great, you don’t know what they’re singing but still you keep getting along humming ‘oh my my my//oh my my..’ . The genre is a little bit different from what they used to have, maybe because they are colab with Halsey to reach US market more wide, so they have to follow the US and I like that because they can make a non fans like me, like this song. 

2. IU – Blueming 

I never really like IU before, just so-so, I’m not a fan but I don’t hate her. So when she’s comeback with Love Poem, I check her three MVs on Youtube and I fell in love witn Blueming. The song is very catchy, the rock electro-pop instrumental had a fun vibe to it And I could tell from the first listen that this song will be rather addictive to listen to, The music video is visually stunning even thought i think it has a Taylor Swift “shake It off’ vibe. It safe to say that this really a very refreshing song that you can listen when you are down. It could light up your day. 

3. Superclap - Super Junior 

This is Super Junior’s first comeback in 7 years since the return of all members from military enlistment, This is literally like “The Return of Superman” so I really anticipated what can they offer to the table. Superclap to me is a  song that  quite catchy and groovy, the dance is also awesome especially the Kyu’s part. But I have to say that they have a bad timing to comeback due to the unfortunate news of Sulli’s passing, Super Junior delayed the release of their comeback music video. That’s pretty affect to their comeback. They only had 2 wins, however I found that most of the songs on their album Time Slip are also awesome. I Think I and Somebody new are my favorite aside from Skydiving and The Show. 


2019 is the year that many LOVE have been waiting for because it’s Minhyun’s long-awaited comeback with NU’EST, the group is finally comeback to its original 5 members. Yay! 
They have two comeback this year, thanks to Pledis for giving them such a rarely  attention, First quarter NU”EST comeback with BET BET from the Album Happily Ever After. You can check the unboxing here on my channel, i link to it below. The first impression of the track that it manages to do a good job of captivating me. Vocally, I think the song is really good. Baekho’s vocals that kick off the chorus along with Minhyun’s sweet voice, tough rap by JR and surprisingly I love Aron’s part and Ren also do a good job during his part. The MV is amazing, just like the end of the one era that has a happy ending. And even after listening several times, until today, I still think this song is great and I never get bored listen to it. 

5. Love Me - NU'EST

After a string of dark songs for the past few years, Nu’est finally comeback with brighter and colourful song just like Nu’est on early days. Surprised but expected, I mean back in the days Nu’est had realesd such a bright song with bright fashion style, If I may say, Sleep Talking, and the truth is I was afraid that this going to be like Sleep Talking 2.0, but thank God, it’s away better. I’m not saying that sleep talking is bad, it’s actually captivating and catchy but the fashion was awful. 

NU’EST comeback again in 2019 with new concept, more cheerful, stylish, suit their age, they are not trying to be One Direction or any other group, they are just being they are. Smiley face all over the place. Love Me was the song that bring me influenced by middle 90’s New Jack Swing which is a pop music usually performed by black musicians that combines elements of jazz, funk, rap, and rhythm and blues. 

If you listen to The Table, you will find a big influence of new jack swing in most of the song like one two three, Call me back, Trus me and Stayed up all night. I even imagined Stayed up all night is sung by Taylor Swift because the song is really suit to her style of music, if you know what I mean. 

6. Feels Special - TWICE 

I don’t stan TWICE but this comeback Feels Special was something different to what they had offered before, It’s kind like a new era,  they are less cute as their previous hits and put some matures. The song is written by JYP who wrote it based on Twice Member feels about each other. 
Nevertheless The song is catchy and perfect to bring an upbeat mood, and I feel special about it.

7. Psycho - Red Velvet 

This is probably the most 'normal' and easy listening comeback song by Red Velvet in 2019 after Zimzalabim and Umpah Umpah. You can easily like this from the first time you listen to it. The MV is also good even though it's reminds me of Bet Bet Nu'est MV but that's ok. I happened to see a mashup between Bet Bet and Psycho in one of Kpop MV fanmade and those songs really match well. Although they had misfortune with Wendy's accident at the SBS Gayo, I hope they will doing well in the future.  

NOT So Good Comeback 

It's not bad but it's not good either. I'm talking about BLACKPINK’s comeback KILL THIS LOVE and EXO Obsession. To be honest it was a little bit disappointing since there wasn’t something special or new about it and even though it was high-budget and they are looked amazing, the beat and the coreography were pretty similar to what they’ve been doing up until now and that’s it all I can say. Correct Me If I wrong, but I don’t think this year is belong to either Black Pink and EXO. Try again next year, pals! 

That’s it for the Best Debut and Best Comeback in Kpop Rewind 2019. What do you think? Do you have something in common or you have yourself opinion, let me know in the common below. 

Annyeong chingu!