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I could look back at my life and get a good story out of it. It's a picture of somebody trying to figure things out.

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Because It's Me.. As Simple As That

I do believe that people choose something based on what they are like. I'm a simple girl who pursue my dreams by doing what i like the most. I love writing,listening to music,reading book and traveling. Those things and the path in life that i chose finally brought me to broadcasting.

I have been a full time government officer who being placed in public broadcasting TV for about a year and half. Actually when i applied to be government officer for this Ministry, it never crossed my mind that i would be joining the TV department. I was very shocked that moment. But because  i also being part time radio announcer since i was in university,i have some experience and skill that related enough to my new job. The media may be different but the based rules are quiet the same. So i thank God, i have this experience on radio broadcast so that's why i won't let it go although I have my full time job. So far, because my show on the radio is only on Saturday and Sunday the part time job and a full time one go on very well. 

To think about it, my full time job and my part time job both need creativity. How to make the audience and the people stick to the program and choose it as the trusted media is a very challenging job to do. Especially because i produce my own radio show as well as being the DJ myself. So i have to find the topic,the guest (if there's any),arrange the playlist and communicate it all to the audiences. Sometimes it makes me crazy when the preparation is need more time and at the same time i got schedule in the main office. As an editor for TV News Programme there's no official day off. Whether it's weekend or holiday if it's my name is on schedule i have to work. So typically my routine is a very hectic especially on weekend. Sometimes it's a little bit frustrating but above of all the hectic things,most of the time i think it's very cool. I'm sure most people think that person who works in the media such TV and Radio is very cool,right? (Oh.. my confidence)'s the same thing of what i'm thinking when it comes to technology. Everyday there are a lot of some things new invented and there are many gadgets that thrown in to the market. If it's only to follow desire , i probably end up with buying all the cool gadget everytime. Thank God, i'm not impulsive person. Choosing the right one that suitable with my needs is sometimes hard. For example, because i love to writing and my two jobs required me to do media editing such video and voice, i need a notebook that not only looks good but also feels good without make me stress. There are many times i got stressed out by the notebook or personal computer that suddenly freeze out when i edit video or voice for my project. I need something that can fulfills my needs.

Then i saw this..i think i don't need to look for more. It's just so me. For someone who do creative works,this notebook seems the right one. Tough,thin,light,3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor,AMD Radeon HD 7670M GPU, VRAM 1 GB and so handy. It has gesture hand which is so cool. You know why it's cool? Because you can wave your hand to start music playback, advance a slide in a Powerpoint presentation,turn one webpage to another like turn the pages of the book . The control technology taps the webcam to recognize gestures. It allows musicians to record, edit, and produce music as well as  i can edit my video easily. Moreover the battery has lifetime for 7 hours. And the color.. oh my God.. It's metallic with soothe a purple color tinge.  If there's love at the first sight, it would be that moment when i saw this Vaio Seri E 14P.

I want one.. And the guy who hold it,too.. :) 
It's a breath taking. I can do video or audio editing and if i got stuck of idea i can relax my mind by browsing the internet at the same time. I don't know how much the price but then again..for this quality and the brand i think it's worth to buy. Although i don't rejected any gift of this notebook, i only can say i'm gonna have it right away. There are probably any other notebooks but it suits my needs. It's supports what i'm doing which need creativity and yet looks cool just like me. Hahaha.

So it's probably true. People intend to choose based on what they are alike. As for me i think i found the one, i choose this Vaio Seri E 14P as my choice. Because it's me.. As simple as that.