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This Is Us : One Direction, Normal Guys Who Had Fun But Were Terrible Terrible Terrible Dancers

Ok, let's forget awhile about Kpop things and get back to the kind of music i used to love ( hey, I still do!) : Western Pop. Or just "Pop"..whatever you may called. Anyway, i'm talking about the movie called: This is Us by a British boyband called "One Direction" ( and everybody says : Ahhh... ) 

I'm not a Directioner,actually. But i kinda like some their hits like "One Way or Another, Kiss You, One Thing, Little Thing, That's Makes You Beautiful" and other songs from their first to third album that loaded into my ipod. :D

And for the record, i don't even know each one of their names except for Zayn (because he's moslem), Harry ( because he dated Taylor Swifth) and Liam ( because one of my friend always talk about him). The only thing i knew was : They are X-Factor UK's contestant who didn't win but totally got a HUGE success.

So.. i just knew that they will release their first movie. Skeptically i thought, just like any happening idol they got to have at least one movie while they're on top. Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, even SMTown Family and Super Junior made their "daily activities and tour life" into 3D Movie. But  when i first saw "Best Song Ever" music video on Vevo channel, the skeptical mind of mine just swept away. I hope to see something different.

My Ticket
So there i was, sitting in the C row, 5 minutes late, hoping to get entertained by these five guys from England. I have to warn you,  this is  the kind of movie that made for fans and should be enjoy by the fans only. I mean, who cares about what these boys do at the backstage, driving the golf car like crazy, chasing and lift up by their bodyguard or waking up in the middle of the night after 10 minutes sleep just for record verse part of the new song. Only fans do. They screaming out loud like crazy every time they see Harry half naked or Zayn smiles (which is i admitted.. oh well, cute!). They sing along with these boys in every concerts footage that appear. You know, those kind of things that only fans would do. But the fun part is, i did enjoy watching this movie, although i'm not the Directioner.

This Is Us :  One Direction, Normal Guys Who Had Fun But Were Terrible Terrible Terrible Dancers

Basically it's almost the same with Justin Bieber "Never Say Never and Katy Perry "The Part Of Me". There are story about them on stage and backstage. Unfortunately "This Is Us" you won't see the "private" life like what we see in Katy Perry's. There was no love live that expose in. Not even a slight talk about Taylor Swifth. *no hope*

But the excitement wasn't diminished. Chris Rock, Christiano Rinaldo, Martin Scorsese and of course not to forget Simon Cowell  are appear as the cameo. These boys talking about themselves, actually about the basic things like how they met, the first impression and even talked about there was a time when they had special conversation about kicked Zayn out of the band. I don't know if it was revealed before, but i just knew that. Hahaha.

As a none-Directioner  i found this movie like a documentary of how a boyband that doesn't look like a stereotype boyband been made. I mean, if we look back to the former boybands like Nsync', Backstreet Boys, Take That, Westlife or even older than that, New Kids On The Block, they all have the same pattern.

They are all consist of five good looking boys which have bad boy, sweet boy, funny boy, playful boy and calm boy. Some can sing, some can rap, other can dance. I'm not judging but i can see these pattern too in One Direction. The different is They ALL can sing ( and got good voice) but CAN'T dance.

They don't want to wearing the same wardrobe, smile or act like they tell them to be. They just want to be.. Them, just like ordinary guys in age between 19-21 years old. They come across as the regular guys they claim to be, five fellows who like to mess about, are grateful for their family. The difference is they surrounded by girls who can't stand not to scream or even fainting every time they showed up, flying from one country to another and have a little time to sleep.

Yes, there are some scene when they "mess" their image. Harry's sarcastic. Niall's exuberant. But  This Is Us is the Rockumentary that shows the innocuous image of One Direction. Well, hopefully those images are hold their ground because most of their precursors skidded on their fame, lost and hard to get back. 

This is us One Direction

FYI, "This Is Us" , is a 3D movie which is ( for me) only works on concert scene. It really looks like these boys in front of you. So prepared yourself to be stupefied or screaming (just like most of the girls who watching this movie). Nothing special on the effects,but the you can get the atmosphere of the concerts.

There are some extra visual zip to their usual concert spectacle, transforming the singers into superheroes or augmenting the “Space Invaders”-inspired graphics. effectively boosting the 3-D appeal. Most of the viewers are Directioners so it wasn't a surprised to hear them sing along just like they're really at the gig. If you're not the Directioner, don't worry.

I only knew their best hits but i still can enjoyed the movie. In fact, i was surprised when they're perform "Teenage Dirtbag" in one of the concert scene. "Teenage Dirtbag" is a song by American alternative rock group Wheatus. It was released in July 2000 as the lead single from their eponymous debut album. It was included on the soundtrack of the movie Loser. Some of you probably don't know it.. or you do? :D 

In the end, i agreed to what one of them said that he hopes One Direction is remembered  as normal guys who had fun but were terrible terrible terrible dancers. lol. Because that's what this movie wants to show the world that this is who they are. They're all good in singing ( and no one who doing only rapping) but they're seriously terrible dancers. 

Obviously, those who hate group’s music should avoid “This Is Us” at all costs. But if you just want to have some fun after a-long-hard-weekdays, this movie should give you something entertain and to get to know them a little more. And probably you couldn't help but like One Direction, even sing along every time “Best Song Ever” came on your car radio. Or you don't? :D. Can't wait to read your comment about it.