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I could look back at my life and get a good story out of it. It's a picture of somebody trying to figure things out.

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I Miss You, K-Drama You Don't Want To Miss..

What's so special about Wednesday and Thursday? 

Oh.. they're just like any other day..until this K-Drama came in.. 

I Miss You,  K-Drama You Don't Want To Miss.. 

Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: November 7 2012
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 KST
Director: Lee Jae Dong
Writer: Moon Hee Jung

보고싶다 (Bogoshipda) also known as I Miss You/MIssing You is the only K-Drama i watch live streaming on MBC even though i don't know every single words they said. I even join the forum groups at Soompi and follow the twitter @IMissYou_Drama for catching up with the updates. Blame it on Park Yoochun who  's play the role Han Jung Woo ( the main male character). Since Rooftop Prince i'm totally impressive by him and watch every single drama he played on. But that is just one reason why i hook with this drama.

cr:iMBC via @IMissYou_Drama

As usual, the K-Drama story is complicated. But this one is not only complicated but also tragic. It is about "first love" between Lee Soo Yeon ( played by Kim Soohyun & Yoon Eun Hye) and Han Jung Woo ( Played by Yeo Jin Goo & Park Yoochun). They first met on their 15. Lee Soo Yeon is an outsider in her school and neighborhood that no one want to be friends nor to look at her family.It's all because her dad being accused as a murder. Then one day, she met Han Jung Woo who bumped into her at the playground. The way he ask her name and how he talked to her has touched Lee Soo Yeon's heart. However when Jung Woo knows that Soo Yeon is a daughter of murder, he take some steps behind. He finally realized his own feeling to Soo Yeon when he saw how hard her life is. It was their first love for each other but had to separated because an accident behind the kidnapping. That accident is really torn Lee Soo Yeon apart, not only because it caused her damage but because she saw Han Jung Woo runaway right before her eyes. The person who reach for her hand to help is Kang Hyun Joon, someone who've been suffering by Han Jung Woo's dad. The trauma of that incident,hurt caused by her first love and the revenge of a son are things that brought them together. 

credit to imbc
Lee Soo Yeon changed her name to Zoe and become designer. Kang Hyun Joon become a charismatic cold hearted fund manager and change his name into Harry Borrison. Together they live and work in Paris. Meanwhile Han Jung Woo who's been looking for Lee Soo Yeon for 14 years has already become a homicide detective in Gangnam District. Fourteen years later, they finally meet again because of the murder of Harry's aunt. And that's the beginning of Love-triangle-hide-and-seek and suspense kind of thing :) 

Credit as tagged
For the soundtrack,since it's labeling as "melodramatic" the soundtrack are more into ballad.So far this drama has three songs for the soundtrack : Tears Are Falling by Wax, Just To Look At You by Jeong Dong Ha and Reminds Me of You by Star & Shorry J Feat Byul. There will be more to come.I hope Magic Castle will be one of the soundtrack,since that is Soo Yeon's favorite song. It would be nice if Park Yoochun sings it, though :) 

The drama has running for 10 episode now, but the conflicts are taut and the story moves along with nice pace. The casts are doing their very best, too. I love how the adolescent actors act for the rough scene, how they can really show the bitter,painful and traumatic they are. The adult actors are continue their acting very well too.Park Yoochun's puff up cheeks and running are similar like Yeo Jin Go did as Han Jung Woo's adolescent. How traumatic and sad Soo Yeon when she met the rapist is perfectly shown with Yoon Eun Hye's act. All the characters,even the side ones are layered with such depth that does not usually exist in any other K-Drama. This is not only make the viewers wondering,"Will they'll be back together?" but also a suspense K-Drama that will make the viewers to questioning,"What's next?" "Who is she,actually?" "Is he the murder?" and tears after tears.. Sad,tragic but romantic in the same time. I have to say this is the K-Drama that worthy to stalk week after week. i even fall for the yellow umbrella. LOL. Anyway, Enjoy!