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16 Things I Like And Hate About Twilight Saga : New Moon

Finally! Anticipated movie of this year : Twilight Saga – New Moon has coming to town.  Queuing tickets did not take long, and had a nice place. This time two studios had been prepared for this movie. November 25, at 19:15, I choose to meet with Edward Cullen and families again.  Although I got a little bit excited because there are weekly meetings which are usually take a long time, Alhamdulillah I got there on time and watch the movie from the beginning. (Thanks Boss, you're really understandable this time)

New Moon

Isabella Swan turns to eighteen, and what gifts are most desired by a girl who is in loveTo Bella who love Edward Cullen to death , vampire 109 years old but looking 17 years that (at least in his book, a reply in the movie look like a 28-year-old. Ouwwchhh!!), She just want a kiss .. Just a kiss.. and of course along with frills also want to be vampire like Edward. Something that does not want to embodied by Edward on the name of love and soul. After all, at the time a party that ends birthday disaster Bella finally teach about things in life that must be faced named: SENSE BARRED & heartbreak.

Alice. You've disappeared. Like everything else. Now who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left, and he left, you took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But In a way, I'm glad. The pain is the only reminder that he was real. That you all were.

And how can a girl mend a broken heart? Let  the movie speak for itself.

The book is not going to be really the same with the movie.Even if you compare them, "a movie in your imagination" will be the champion. But as the movie sequel, of course, viewers expect a movie of New Moon should be better than Twilight. 

They chose the director Chris Weitz be able to answer this challenge. They said he had been making emotional films and he also understood how to work with special effects that he has directed both screenwriter for the film The Golden Compass.  Also worked with  David Brisbin (Production Designer) and Catherine Ircha (Artistic Playground) from the film The Day The Earth Stood Still.  CGI selected for Susan MacLeod effect that has worked with Weitz on The Golden Compass. But will they all options are successfully making New Moon better than Twilight? I will divide my opinions in three.  It going a little long, so here they are ..

What I Like :

1. The BREAK-UP Scene

Ok, this is it! This scene is the so depressing to read, the saddest chapters in all four books. Left by the most handsome guy in the world  who said love you so and then leave you in the forest alone, making my heart feels torn part werewolf:-p. I know, Robert Pattinson tried very hard act sad and suffering. It would be better reply he appeared cold face instead of furrowed brow and a nose that flared flowers. Kirsten Stewart was better on expression how Bella was hurt and  disbelieve in dumping, and lack of power are managed one time. And yes, my eyes involuntarily glazed and chided Edward, "You, handsome Vampire. Indeed!!"

Another part that was difficult but interesting are the months when Edward left. In the book the writer feel at ease playing with the words "September, October, November, December" but how to visualize? I will not tell. I love Mellissa Rosenberg's idea (Screenplay writer) and how Chris Weitz visualized it. Indeed Kirsten looks pretty difficult to express various emotional states experienced by Bella, but this is one of my favorite scene. 

2. Chasing Victoria

This was simply beautiful. This was simply beautiful. I love the way it was filmed, flying birds as the ratio of how fast the Victoria ran from the wolves. Unification picture with Bella on the falls cliff together with Tom Yorke’s song choice climax of the movie. I like it a lot.

3. The Birthday Party

I have watched this scene several times on the trial. Still, I wondered how would it be seen on the big screen. The scene where Jasper jumped to Bella and  pushed Edward then make me compare how this film in if it was directed by Catherine Hatchwick. Is she going to make the effect of such piles like on those soap opera action? Thank God, Chris Weinz is better describing this scene birthday party. Even if we are talking about setting the Cullen's house, I was disappointed. But well, that's another story to tell.

4. Drowning Bella

THANK YOU for getting this right, Chris Weitz! Apparition Edward, Jacob's hand pull and the emergence Victoria some distance from where Bella was a scene that making it exciting. 

5. Edward quoted Romeo and Juliet

As I recall this scene is not in the book, so it became the second scene which surprised me. Robert Pattinson quoting the line of Romeo makes me think: "How it’s gonna be if the monoloq sentence was replaced with Ijab Kabul," I marry you  with a set of tools prayers, the Qur'an, my heart and soul.”  No protest allowed :-p

6. Edward’s Sexy Intro

Ok, it is nothing to compare with the first scene of Edward and Bella show up their relationship in Twilight. But it is quite able to make the bottom row of teenagers screaming .. (well, I did too  in my heart ..who didn’t ??)

7. Jacob’s New Looks

Sorry to say ladies, as far discussed the previous day, in this sequel to Robert Pattinson aka Edward got a rival. Taylor had put on 30 pounds of muscle to play this part, and I was kind of surprise of his body. Coupled with his new haircut, not too surprised reply Bella had commented after hitting a rock.

Bella Swan : You're sort a beautiful.
Jacob Black: How hard did you hit your head?

8. The Wolves Pack

It was not easy to make the wolf pack as big as horse which could changing shape very quickly and naturally that real. Thumb up for the visual effects team, especially for the glance into the eyes of a wolf Jacob, that was so sweet!

9. Bella’s Dream

The first scene, a dream scene Bella found herself that was old in the mirror beside Edward. Surprised, it was exactly as what I thought in mind, perfectly! An opening to show the real reason why Bella really desperate to be vampire, I guess. Aging and getting older ! Do not ever mess with the age when dealing with a woman, O you of men - either a real human, vampire or werewolf-. We could be dead sensitive..

10. The Volturi

Yeah, Dakota Fanning as Jane! Dakota Fanning as Jane! She looked beautiful and murderous at the same time but quite  a spot-on casting choice.  I wonder how much she paid for. I heard she took this role just because she  want to get involved in the same production with Robert Pattinson. Wow..

The Bad

These are the  list of the 'sins' of  Chris Weitz in working on New Moon :

1. The Make Up

I couldn't  ignore about the make up because the movie is supposed to describe Edward as in the book - Vampire skinned and not as smooth as alabaster with age-, that's how important the make up is! And it was really disappointed.

Robert Pattinson look older with a thick powder but does not stick and shows wrinkles on his forehead. Powder was too thick also applies to the long-haired Jacob who finally looks girlie with a blush on and lipstick that is too subtle for a boy. I wonder did he use any mascara for his Eyelashes? Rosalie is a very small portion, looking very ... not so Rosalie. She supposed to be beautiful as in Twilight. But here she looks very .. depression, lack of sleep.

Hey, is it a vampire version of Twilight is no need to sleep. Or did I miss something in New Moon? Edward looked as he miss some sleep too. And the rest of the Cullen looks in needed of  moisturizer and makeup base that more could be made compact natural cling. Probably the same powder can be managed for the Volturi clan, but not the Cullen. Still, Hell you the Make Up artist. You make them lose their natural charm!

2. The Hair Do 

Make up for the vampire is essential and so does the hairstyle. Unfortunately there are some things that've done at the Twilight distroyed in New Moon. Ok, time passes by and the trend has changed but I just do not like new hair of Jasper. He looks like .. .. .. puddle? Rosalie wearing a wig that makes her hair look limp. And Edward? Where is  the messy hair that phenomenal? There are only three good-looking hair here: Bella Swan, Jane Volturi and Jacob Black (New hair cut .. yay!)

3. The Wardrobe

I don't know was it just me  or in fact, Edward's style has changed. The teenager high school student turned vampire to be .. CEO looked alike with the suit and everything. He looked old, and I do not like it! Amazingly Jacob made easy with the clothes that are typical of teenager. Mmh.. I guess some envious designer to  Edward ..??? Or maybe he should not have to wear a costume, right? What do you think?:-D

4. The Set Design  

Since location of shooting moved from Portland (Twilight) to Vancouver (New Moon), there are re setting in some places. To match what were in the Twilight picture with the New Moon is not easy indeed, but it would be very disturbing if the difference are too obvious. It happens to House of The Cullen and Bella's room. In Twilight, House of The Cullen was white and less furniture while the New Moon looks very "warm" with a brownish color. Bella's room looked even more expansive and brightly lit.

5. The Ending

This is the most frustrating part  throughout the film. The ending was suck! The Propose should be romantic, sweet and deep and all tried in an atmosphere that was built straight cut just press the button with a single cut on the table editor. I can still remember clearly the Twilight's ending when Edward & Bella dancing accompanied pop song even it was not connect the lyrics but can build atmosphere. Shoot in zoom out and take a picture emerged of Victoria in the window and then went with a song from Radio Head. While New Moon? It’s  like running out of celluloid film for recording. Ah Chris, you should did better than this. Did you actually read the book?

6. The Lines

On behalf of the duration, so many of the dialogues which should describe the blossom and the strong feelings of Bella and Edward, Bella's inner conflict to the emergence of Jacob in the world and of course Edward & Jacob hostilities must cur destroyed, lost.I wonder , "What movie did I watch this? Where's the romance? It's supposed to be Romance movie.”  The Relationshipsof  Prospective candidates-in-law & daughter "of Charlie & Edward also not discussed in this movie. The leap from one scene to another scene also eventually be a bit messy. It's not all in the book can appear in the film, but a strong dialogue make this film so much better at watching and really helps demonstrate what you want in the wake of his book. Even though I like to see the handsome Robert Pattinson, I prefer to see him talk then do nothing..

My Two Cents... 

Although the movie Twilight associated with Vampire and the hunt, the impression that left on me is: This is a romantic drama with a little spice teen action. Nothing at all, or gripping horror ala-ala other Vampire movies. The excited thing was in the movie New Moon, I found a different nuance. Some scenes made me feel a chill, excited and surprised. I came to think , if the New Moon had changed genres from fantasy movie to action thriller? I wish this film has an element of visual effects, action and horror, but actually it's still a love story that brings viewers into the emotional journey the characters. 

Life is a choice, that what they said. So between Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz, Between Edward and Jacob, who's the best? 

As for me, Chris Weitz can not be denied made a great part but since this film based on the book written on a woman named Bella's perspective, I think Weitz failed to explore and express the feelings of Bella between two men, two of love and the two choices. Because that’s New Moon is all about, right?

Anyway, don't forget to mark your calender, because ECLIPSE will coming on June 30th 2010.

Until then, see you soon  Edward.. "It's always been you.. by the way.."